Why are human rights important?

The simple fact of being born and belonging to the human race gives us freedoms and rights that must be followed by all people in the world. Fundamental human rights are the right to freedom, to security, to life, to discrimination of all kinds, among others; These are universal, and regardless of the place in the world where we are, they must be enforced.  Human rights are non-transferable and personal, they belong to each person from the day they are born, and they do not expire until they cease to exist.

What is the importance of human rights

The value of human rights rests in the fact that it is a fundamental value of law worldwide, in addition to being the pillar of all other rights. Its fulfillment guarantees a healthier, more respectful, more humane and tolerant lifestyle among all nations. That is why the United Nations (UN) have contemplated and endorsed the importance of the Declaration of Human Rights.

The value of rights covers not only the human part but also the legal section, which seeks to protect at all costs. That is why several non-governmental organizations have been formed to ensure that it is genuinely enforced, in places where they are not respected or recognized.

Characteristics of Human Rights

Human Rights denote the minimum standards in which a person can live with dignity. That is why it is imperative to assert them. The main characteristics of all these rights, and for which a path will be created so that they can be fulfilled are the following:

  • They must be Universal: This means that they belong to all people.
  • They must be inalienable: This means that they can not be transferred, acquired, sold, etc.
  • They must be interconnected: This means that they depend on each other.
  • They must be indivisible: This means that they can not be divided.
  • They should not be discriminatory: This means that there can be no unfair prejudices in them.

Why is it important to defend human rights?

The defence of human rights becomes mandatory and necessary for the construction of social and family ties, among all the societies that converge in the world. It must be a commitment and duty of all countries, support them and give them the importance they deserve to achieve a more secure and respected place for all to live.

In addition to defending all human rights, we are demonstrating to governments as a people that care about their society, and thus we avoid injustice and exploitation that can occur before a people who are asleep or who do not defend them.

Every day we can see news about millions of deaths, explosions, or people abused for not being governed by their customs, applying cruel punishments that undermine all value of humanity.

That is why it is essential to know and know that human rights are part of our lives, and if at any moment they are violated, we know where to go to request help and ensure compliance. If we have to summarize it in one sentence, it would be: The importance of human rights is a vital part of the development of any community.

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