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The crisis is elsewhere. What is happening in the Middle East and Europe is simply a  human tragedy. More than a million families are without a place to live. They are huddled in refugee camps or on the  road. Their  lives are the  definition of hell. Syrian refugees are the biggest group. They are living in tents in Turkey,  Lebanon and Jordan. Refugees from Iraq are  nearby. Most refugees want to stay near  their homeland. They hope to go back. It  does not look like this will happen soon. When some give up this hope, they take to the road. They try to get to Europe. They want to reach the countries that have jobs. Migrants go through poor countries such  as Serbia, Bosnia, Hungary and Macedonia.  From those countries, it is on to the richer countries such as Germany, France, Italy and England.  Refugees with the most money are making the trip. Joining them are people fleeing violence in Africa. They pay people to get on boats  and trucks. For far too many the journey ends in death. A  criminal class is rising to meet the demand for  goods and travel. Just the other day, 72 souls were found suffocated in a  truck on the Austrian border. Thousands  have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea. The European Union is in charge of migrant and refugee policy. Many refugees hope to get  political asylum. Right now there is no plan. One question is how many migrants should each country accept. Some nations are building border fences. Some are allowing migrants to pass through the country as long as they are  on their way to someplace else. For most refugees, there is only poverty, hunger  and no jobs or schools. Their world is the  true definition of a crisis. Republican presidential hopefuls have become hysterical over Mexican-American border issues. Mass deportation and ending  birthright citizenship are just two of their ¡°bright¡±  ideas. American  and Mexico are  side-by-side nations. Going north for better jobs makes sense. Going south when conditions are right makes sense. An immigration policy, based on the needs of both countries, is easily in sight. It is not clear when American politicians will reach this  conclusion. Compared to the Middle East and Europe, a Mexican  American solution is a slam dunk. Source: The  Washington Post August 29, 2015 )

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